About Us

 As entrepreneurs ourselves we have always been thinking of various business ideas that led us to register domains names so we can work on them in the future. And as can be expected we eventually had a lot more domain names than we had time to build companies! Soon enough we realised we had a collection of creative brandable domain names. Most of them hand-picked and hand registered with significant research behind each choice. We then mastered this process and began building an impressive assortment of brandable “.com” names. This led us to build Brandotive.com – an online marketplace of brandable domain names. Founded in 2014, Brandotive has since created hundreds of high quality brand names and domains.

At Brandotive we have a team of creative thinking people with a passion for naming and branding. We create company, brand and product names for start-ups and big businesses alike. We believe in the power of great names, which can make the difference between success and failure of a business. We love the idea of connecting smart ideas with great names.

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